Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Prospective techniques of effective daylight harvesting in commercial buildings by employing window glazing, dynamic shading devices and dimming control—a literature review


energy conservation, daylighting, window glazing, automated window blinds, daylighting control, dimming ballast, power quality


Over a few decades, daylighting has been perceived to possess good potential for energy conservation. In this perspective, there have been significant advances in research methodologies and technologies for optimizing energy consumption through daylight harvesting in commercial buildings. In light of this, a thorough understanding of the application of available technology is very important for daylighting practices for building energy management. The objective of this paper is to examine the status of published research on three key building parameters: window glazing area, dynamic shading devices, and daylighting controls playing a rule on energy conservation. This article may serve as a coherent literature survey that would provide better understanding of the subjacent issues and possibly rejuvenate research interest in this immensely potential field of energy engineering.


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