Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Measurement and simulation of room acoustics parameters in traditional and modern bath buildings


room acoustics, humid spaces, measurements, simulation


This paper presents the results of a number of case studies concerning measurement and simulation of room acoustical parameters in both historical and contemporary instances of bath spaces. Historical instances of such spaces are, in our study, traditional hammam (bath) buildings in Mediterranean and north-African countries (Algeria, Morocco, Syria). Modern instances include a modern hammam, a spa, and an indoor swimming pool in central Europe (Austria). The analysis is based on data obtained from measurements and simulations of pertinent indicators of room acoustic quality in such spaces. The results of the analysis permit the identification of certain salient features of room acoustics in highly humid spaces and corresponding technical challenges (e.g., excessive reverberation and high noise exposure). Moreover, the results allow for the statistically grounded estimation of uncertainties in simulation of room acoustics in architectural spaces.


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