Building Simulation: An International Journal

Building Simulation: An International Journal publishes original, high quality, peer-reviewed research papers and review articles dealing with modeling and simulation of buildings including their systems. The goal is to promote the field of building science and technology to such a level that modeling will eventually be used in every aspect of building construction as a routine instead of an exception. Of particular interest are papers that reflect recent developments and applications of modeling tools and their impact on advances of building science and technology.

Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 1 (2021)

Review Article

Research Articles


Study on the application of reinforcement learning in the operation optimization of HVAC system
Xiaolei Yuan, Yiqun Pan, Jianrong Yang, Weitong Wang, and Zhizhong Huang


Clustering-based probability distribution model for monthly residential building electricity consumption analysis
Jieyan Xu, Xuyuan Kang, Zheng Chen, Da Yan, Siyue Guo, Yuan Jin, and Tianyi Hao


Autoregressive neural networks with exogenous variables for indoor temperature prediction in buildings
Benoit Delcroix, Jérôme Le Ny, Michel Bernier, Muhammad Azam, Bingrui Qu, and Jean-Simon Venne


Energy characteristics of urban buildings: Assessment by machine learning
Wei Tian, Chuanqi Zhu, Yu Sun, Zhanyong Li, and Baoquan Yin

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