Brain Science Advances


brain-computer interfaces, electroencephalogram, rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP), data imbalance, training-free


Recently, rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP), as a new event- related potential (ERP) paradigm, has become one of the most popular forms in electroencephalogram signal processing technologies. Several improvement approaches have been proposed to improve the performance of RSVP analysis. In brain-computer interface systems based on RSVP, the family of approaches that do not depend on training specific parameters is essential. The participating teams proposed several effective training-free frameworks of algorithms in the ERP competition of the BCI Controlled Robot Contest in World Robot Contest 2021. This paper discusses the effectiveness of various approaches in improving the performance of the system without requiring training and suggests how to apply these approaches in a practical system. First, appropriate preprocessing techniques will greatly improve the results. Then, the non-deep learning algorithm may be more stable than the deep learning approach. Furthermore, ensemble learning can make the model more stable and robust.