Brain Science Advances


Hippo pathway, YAP, anticancer resistance, drugs


The Hippo pathway, a highly conserved kinase cascade, regulates cell proliferation, apoptosis, organ size, and tissue homeostasis. Dysregulation of this pathway reportedly plays an important role in the progression of various human cancers. Yes-association protein (YAP), the Hippo pathway’s core effector, is considered a marker for cancer therapy and patient prognosis. In addition, studies have indicated that YAP is involved in promoting anticancer drug resistance. This review summarizes current knowledge on YAP’s role in cancer progression, anticancer drug resistance, and advances in the development of YAP-targeting drugs. A thorough understanding of the complex interactions among molecular, cellular, and environmental factors concerning YAP function in cancer progression may provide new insight into the underlying mechanism of anticancer drug resistance. It might lead to improved prognosis through novel combined therapies.