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Bioreactance-guided fluid therapy for excision of a giant brain tumor in an infant under general anesthesia: A case report and literature review


fluid therapy, bioreactance technology, brain tumor excision, infant


Pediatric patients are more likely to suffer from brain tumors. Surgical resection is often the optimal treatment. Perioperative management of pediatric brain tumor resection brings great challenges to anesthesiologists, especially for fluid therapy. In this case, the infant-patient was only 69-day-old, weighed 6 kg, but she was facing a gaint brain tumor ( 7.9 cm × 8.1 cm × 6.7 cm ) excision. The infant was at great risks such as hemorrhagic shock, cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, congestive heart failure, coagulation dysfunction, etc. However, we tried to use the parameters obtained by bioreactance-based NICOM® device (Cheetah Medical) to guide the infant’s intraoperative fluid therapy, and successfully avoided these complications and achieved a good prognosis.