Brain Science Advances


resting-state EEG, preprocessing, spectral analysis, connectivity analysis, microstate analysis


Electroencephalography (EEG) is a powerful tool for investigating the brain bases of human psychological processes non-invasively. Some important mental functions could be encoded by resting-state EEG activity; that is, the intrinsic neural activity not elicited by a specific task or stimulus. The extraction of informative features from resting-state EEG requires complex signal processing techniques. This review aims to demystify the widely used resting-state EEG signal processing techniques. To this end, we first offer a preprocessing pipeline and discuss how to apply it to resting-state EEG preprocessing. We then examine in detail spectral, connectivity, and microstate analysis, covering the oft-used EEG measures, practical issues involved, and data visualization. Finally, we briefly touch upon advanced techniques like nonlinear neural dynamics, complex networks, and machine learning.


Tsinghua University Press