Big Data Mining and Analytics

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Understanding Social Relationships with Person-Pair Relations


social relationship understanding, person-pair relations, Person-Pair Relation Network (PPRN)


Social relationship understanding infers existing social relationships among individuals in a given scenario, which has been demonstrated to have a wide range of practical value in reality. However, existing methods infer the social relationship of each person pair in isolation, without considering the context-aware information for person pairs in the same scenario. The context-aware information for person pairs exists extensively in reality, that is, the social relationships of different person pairs in a simple scenario are always related to each other. For instance, if most of the person pairs in a simple scenario have the same social relationship, "friends", then the other pairs have a high probability of being "friends" or other similar coarse-level relationships, such as "intimate" . This context-aware information should thus be considered in social relationship understanding. Therefore, this paper proposes a novel end-to-end trainable Person-Pair Relation Network (PPRN), which is a GRU-based graph inference network, to first extract the visual and position information as the person-pair feature information, then enable it to transfer on a fully-connected social graph, and finally utilizes different aggregators to collect different kinds of person-pair information. Unlike existing methods, the method—with its message passing mechanism in the graph model—can infer the social relationship of each person-pair in a joint way (i.e., not in isolation). Extensive experiments on People In Social Context (PISC)- and People In Photo Album (PIPA)-relation datasets show the superiority of our method compared to other methods.