Big Data Mining and Analytics


Deep Neural Network (DNN), coronavirus, protein-ligand interactions, deep learning, clinical healthcare system


In recent time, data analysis using machine learning accelerates optimized solutions on clinical healthcare systems. The machine learning methods greatly offer an efficient prediction ability in diagnosis system alternative with the clinicians. Most of the systems operate on the extracted features from the patients and most of the predicted cases are accurate. However, in recent time, the prevalence of COVID-19 has emerged the global healthcare industry to find a new drug that suppresses the pandemic outbreak. In this paper, we design a Deep Neural Network (DNN) model that accurately finds the protein-ligand interactions with the drug used. The DNN senses the response of protein-ligand interactions for a specific drug and identifies which drug makes the interaction that combats effectively the virus. With limited genome sequence of Indian patients submitted to the GISAID database, we find that the DNN system is effective in identifying the protein-ligand interactions for a specific drug.


Tsinghua University Press