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Fast optimization of impulsive perturbed orbit rendezvous using simplified parametric model


impulsive trajectory optimization, long-duration perturbed rendezvous, parametric model


A novel simplified parametric model for long-duration impulsive orbit rendezvous is proposed. Based on an existing fast estimation method, the optimal impulses and trajectory can be expressed by only ten parameters whose initial values can be easily determined. Then, these parameters are used to predict orbital deviations with a target orbit. A simple correction process is designed to sequentially update the parameters based on the J2 perturbed analytical dynamic equations of circular orbits. Finally, an iteration loop is formed to obtain the precise parameters and optimal trajectory. The simulation results confirm that the simplified parametric optimization method can be applied to elliptical orbits of small eccentricity and adapts well to both analytical and high-precision dynamics. The deviations could always converge within five iterations and the calculation was more efficient than the existing methods.