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Impact of radiation pressure and circumstellar dust on motion of a test particle in Manev’s field


Manev potential, circumstellar dust, Lyapunov characteristic exponents (LCEs), stability, chaos, basins of attraction


In this paper, we present a study on the impact of radiation pressure and circumstellar dust on the motion of a test particle in the framework of the restricted four-body problem under the Manev’s field. We show that the distribution of equilibrium points on the plane of motion is slightly different from that of the classical Newtonian problem. With the aid of the Lyapunov characteristic exponents, we show that the system is sensitive to changes in initial conditions; hence, the orbit of the system is found to be chaotic in the phase space for the given initial conditions. Furthermore, a numerical application of this model to a stellar system (Gliese 667C) is considered, which validates the dependence of the equilibrium points on the mass parameter. We show that the non-collinear equilibrium points of this stellar system are distributed symmetrically about the x-axis, and five of them are linearly stable. The basins of attraction of the system show that the equilibrium points have irregular boundaries, and we use the energy integral and the Manev parameter to illustrate the zero-velocity curves showing the permissible region of motion of the test particle with respect to the Jacobi constant.


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