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Guidance, navigation, and control of Hayabusa2 touchdown operations


small body exploration, touchdown, astrodynamics, guidance, navigation, control


Hayabusa2 is a Japanese sample return mission from the asteroid Ryugu. The Hayabusa2 spacecraft was launched on 3 December 2014 and arrived at Ryugu on 27 June 2018. It stayed there until December 2019 for in situ observation and soil sample collection, and will return to the Earth in November or December 2020. During the stay, the spacecraft performed the first touchdown operation on 22 February 2019 and the second touchdown on 11 July 2019, which were both completed successfully. Because the surface of Ryugu is rough and covered with boulders, it was not easy to find target areas for touchdown. There were several technical challenges to overcome, including demanding guidance, navigation, and control accuracy, to realize the touchdown operation. In this paper, strategies and technical details of the guidance, navigation, and control systems are presented. The flight results prove that the performance of the systems was satisfactory and largely contributed to the success of the operation.


Tsinghua University Press