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Coupled attitude-vibration analysis of an E-sail using absolute nodal coordinate formulation


E-sail, absolute nodal coordinate, formulation, dynamic model


In this study, the effects of solar wind on an electric sail (E-sail) are modeled and analyzedusing an absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF). First, the thrust of the chargedmetal tether that makes up the E-sail was analyzed and a model was established. Numericalsimulations of a single metal tether were performed. Then, an overall E-sail model wasestablished using the connection matrix, and E-sails subjected to different angular velocitieswere compared. Simulation results of the ANCF model and a dumbbell model were comparedat different angular velocities. The results confirm that with a relatively high angular velocity,the flexible metal chain can be approximately regarded as a rigid body. However, with asmall angular velocity, the flexibility of the metal chain cannot be ignored.


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