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Improvement of sail storage and deployment mechanism for spin-type solar power sail


solar sail, solar power sail, storage, deployment, IKAROS, OKEANOS


Deployable membrane structures are expected to be used for large-area space structures, suchas solar propulsion sails, magnetoplasma sails, drag-deorbiting sails, membrane antennas,and solar power sails. They are lightweight and can be compactly stored at launch.One achievement of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) was the successfuldeployment of a 200 m2 sail using centrifugal force in the IKAROS mission, which was thefirst solar propulsion sail-craft in history. JAXA has long been studying the technology ofspin deployment of sail membranes, and is currently planning the spin deployment of a classsail larger than 2000 m2 as the next step in the development of the IKAROS technology.This paper discusses the unexpected behaviors during on-orbit sail deployment by IKAROS,as well as problems with the sail holding method, and proposes an improved sail storagestructure and deployment mechanism for the OKEANOS mission.


Tsinghua University Press