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Self-excited oscillation of spinning solar sails utilizing solar radiation pressure


solar sail, solar radiation pressure, vibration mode, self-excited oscillation, mechanical resonance, decentralized control


The present paper proposes a control method to excite spinning solar sail membranes forthree-dimensional use. Using optical property switching, the input is given as the changein magnitude of the solar radiation pressure. The resonance point of this system varieswith the vibration state due to its nonlinearity and the change in equilibrium state. Todeal with this, a state feedback control law that automatically tracks the resonance pointis developed in the present study. The proposed method enables decentralized control ofthe actuators on the sail, each of which determines the control input independently usingonly the information of vibration state. The proposed method is validated using numericalsimulations. The results show that the nonlinear system behaves differently from the linearsystem, and the vibration grows using the decentralized control regardless of resonance pointvariation.


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