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Solution set calculation of the Sun-perturbed optimal two-impulse trans-lunar orbits using continuation theory


trans-lunar, orbit optimization, optimal solution set, continuation theory, Sun-perturbed


The solution set of the Sun-perturbed optimal two-impulse trans-lunar orbit is helpful foroverall optimization of the lunar exploration mission. A model for computing the two-impulse trans-lunar orbit, which strictly satisfies the boundary constraints, is established.The solution set is computed first with a circular restricted three-body model using ageneralized local gradient optimization algorithm and the strategy of design variable initialcontinuation. By taking the solution set of a circular restricted three-body model as theinitial values of the design variables, the Sun-perturbed solution set is calculated based onthe dynamic model continuation theory and traversal search methodology. A comparativeanalysis shows that the fuel cost may be reduced to some extent by considering the Sun’sperturbation and choosing an appropriate transfer window. Moreover, there are severaloptimal two-impulse trans-lunar methods for supporting a lunar mission to select a scenariowith a certain ground measurement and to control the time cost. A fitted linear dependencerelationship between the Sun’s befitting phase and the trans-lunar duration could thus providea reference to select a low-fuel-cost trans-lunar injection window in an engineering project.


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