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Forced motions around triangular libration points by solar radiation pressure in a binary asteroid system


binary asteroid system (BAS), solar radiation pressure, forced periodic orbit, stability


By using two tri-axial ellipsoids to approximate the two asteroids, forced orbits aroundtriangular libration points of the binary asteroid system (BAS) induced by solar radiationpressure are studied. The work is firstly carried out in the doubly synchronous binaryasteroid system (DSBAS). The results show that the amplitude of the forced periodic orbitcan be large, even for small to moderate surface area-to-mass ratios of the spacecraft. Theposition, amplitude, and stability of these forced periodic orbits are influenced by theasteroids’ non-spherical terms. Also, the stability of them may be different, depending onthe Sun’s motion direction w.r.t. to the BAS’s orbit motion direction. This study is thengeneralized to the asynchronous and synchronous BAS (ABAS and SBAS, respectively).The forced orbits in the complete system are quasi-periodic orbits around the forced periodicorbit of the averaged system.


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