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A survey on artificial intelligence trends in spacecraft guidance dynamics and control


guidance, control, AI, deep learning, machine learning, evolutionary computing, genetic algorithms, interplanetary


The rapid developments of artificial intelligence in the last decade are influencing aerospaceengineering to a great extent and research in this context is proliferating. We share ourobservations on the recent developments in the area of spacecraft guidance dynamics andcontrol, giving selected examples on success stories that have been motivated by missiondesigns. Our focus is on evolutionary optimisation, tree searches and machine learning,including deep learning and reinforcement learning as the key technologies and drivers forcurrent and future research in the field. From a high-level perspective, we survey variousscenarios for which these approaches have been successfully applied or are under strongscientific investigation. Whenever possible, we highlight the relations and synergies thatcan be obtained by combining different techniques and projects towards future domainsfor which newly emerging artificial intelligence techniques are expected to become gamechangers.


Tsinghua University Press