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Classification of solar sail attitude dynamics with and without angular momentum∗


solar sail, attitude dynamics, stability, solar system exploration


This paper describes attitude dynamics properties of spinning, momentum-biased andzero-momentum solar sail spacecraft. The model called “Generalized Sail DynamicsModel”(GSDM) is introduced, which can deal with general and practical sail configurations,such as arbitrary optical property distribution, shape and surface wrinkles. Attitude stabilitycriteria and other key dynamical characteristics are derived and compared by compactanalytical equations induced from the GSDM. The newly derived zero-momentum saildynamics is compared with that of spinning and momentum-biased sails. It is shownthat the spinning and momentum sails have an advantage in terms of dynamical stabilitywhereas zero-momentum sails are only statically stable. With this special property, angularmomentum-stabilized sails can realize a Sun-pointing stable attitude with almost zero-fuel,which are discussed with actual space flight experience of the JAXA’s two interplanetarymissions, IKAROS and Hayabusa2.


Tsinghua University Press