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Distributed vibration control of a large solar power satellite


solar power satellite, vibration control, distributed control, on-orbit assembly


To deal with the vibration problem of the solar power satellite (SPS), the distributedvibration control approach is investigated in this paper. Taking the Multi-Rotary jointsSPS as the research objective, the control unit (CU) and the location relationship matrixare firstly defined for distributed controller design according to the configuration of SPS.The dynamic model of each CU is therefore established based on the finite element method.The dynamic model of the whole SPS structure is then developed using the CU models,and is updated along with on-orbit assembly. The distributed cooperative controller, usingproportional and differential feedback and the interaction feedback among adjacent CUs,is proposed to suppress vibration. The close-loop distributed cooperative control systemis then achieved by integrating all distributed controllers, and the asymptotic stabilityis proofed by the Lyapunov’s stability theorem. To verify the feasibility of the proposedcontrol system, three numerical cases are finally presented. The results demonstrate thatthe distributed cooperative controllers can effectively suppress vibration during on-orbitassembly and operation after assembly, and the closed-loop system has good fault tolerance.


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