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Interplanetary transfer optimization using cost function with variable coefficients


orbit optimization, primer vector, interplanetary transfer, time-free


In this paper, the optimal interplanetary transfer including planetary escape and capturephases is investigated in the heliocentric frame. Based on primer vector theory, a modifiedcost function with variable coefficients is developed to reflect the gravitational effect moreprecisely. The necessary conditions as well as the transversality conditions of the new costfunction are derived to search the optimal solution in fixed-time. By introducing the initialand final coasts, the optimal interplanetary transfer is extended to the time-free situation.Finally, the proposed method is applied to the Earth–Mars and Earth–Asteroid transfer.Comparisons with existing methods show that the proposed method can provide bettertransfer performances with high efficiency. The proposed method extends the applicationof primer vector theory and provides a fast and accurate reference for preliminary missiondesign in spacecraft planetary exploration.


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