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New image processing algorithm for terminal guidance of multiple kinetic-energy impactors for disrupting hazardous asteroids


asteroid intercept guidance, and control, multiple kinetic-energy, impactors, digital image processing, image thresholding, Otsu’s method, irregular-shaped asteroids


This paper describes the preliminary study results of developing a hypervelocity terminalintercept guidance system of a multiple kinetic-energy impactor vehicle (MKIV). Theproposed MKIV system is intended to fragment or pulverize an asteroid of smaller thanapproximately 150 m in diameter that is detected with a mission lead time of shorter than10 years, without using nuclear explosive devices. This paper focuses on the developmentof a new image processing algorithm based on Otsu’s method for the coordinated terminalintercept guidance and control of multiple kinetic-energy impactors employing visual and/orinfrared sensors. A scaled polyhedron shape model of asteroid (216) Kleopatra is used asa fictional target asteroid. GPU-based simulation results demonstrate the feasibility ofimpacting a small irregular-shaped asteroid by using the proposed new image processingalgorithm and a classical pulsed TPN (true proportional navigation) terminal guidance law.


Tsinghua University Press