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Dust in the Jupiter system outside the rings


cicumplanetary dust, interplanetary dust, stream particles, planetary rings, Europa plume, Jupiter, Galilean moons, Trojan asteroids, meteoroids, space debris


Jupiter is one of the major targets for planetary exploration, and dust in the Jovian systemis of great interest to researchers in the field of planetary science. In this paper, we reviewthe five dust populations outside the ring system: grains in the region of the Galilean moons,potential dust from plumes on Europa, Jovian stream particles, particles in the outer regionof the Jovian system ejected from the irregular satellites, and dust in the region of theTrojan asteroids. The physical environment for the dust dynamics is described, includingthe gravity, the magnetic field and the plasma environment. For each population, the dustsources are described, and the relevant perturbation forces are discussed. Observations andresults from modeling are reviewed, and the distributions of the individual dust populationsare shown. The understanding of the Jovian dust environment allows to assess the dusthazard to spacecraft, and to characterize the material exchange between the Jovian moons,their surface properties and distribution of non-icy constituents.


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