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Overview of control-centric integrated design for hypersonic vehicles


hypersonic vehicles, integrated design, flight control


Hypersonic vehicles (HSVs) exhibit significant advantages over other vehicles, includingthe wide range of velocity and large airspace types, and these features have contributedto the rapid development of HSVs in the last 20 years. Moreover, hypersonic technologieshave become a multidisciplinary research topic in the fields of aerodynamics, propulsion,structure, material, and control. Different types of re-entry gliding, air-breathing cruise, andaerospace vehicles have been designed to realize ambitious tasks, which in turn influencedthe technological advancements and process change in the military. This paper summarizesthe control-oriented integrated design of HSVs. First, the status of current research on thedistinct characteristics and technique issues of HSVs is introduced. Then, the progressesmade on complex modeling, guidance and control, and trajectory optimization are elaboratedto exhibit the significant research interest in hypersonic technologies. The control-integrateddesign of HSVs is emphasized to solve the multidisciplinary design problems associated withthe model and its control and trajectory. Various strategies regarding the multidisciplinaryoptimization design are also proposed to solve the integrated design problem. Finally,suggestions are provided for the control-oriented integrated design of HSVs.


Tsinghua University Press