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A rapid method for validation and visualization of agile Earth-observation satellites scheduling


agile satellite, scheduling, attitude determination, satellite tool kit, C#


This paper describes a rapid method for validation and visualization of agile Earth-observationsatellites scheduling. Benefited from the previous work, various algorithms are proposed forscheduling the observations of agile satellites. However, the satellite maneuvers are three-dimensional, this characteristic makes it difficult for the operation engineers to validate andinterpret the scheduled solutions. They have to plot these attitude data to analyze differentsituations such as an observing phase or a slew maneuver. Finally, one tries to imagine thethree-dimensional situations from many one-dimensional plots, which is time-consumingand susceptible to errors. Moreover, now it is low-efficiency to deal with the data aboutephemeris, targets, etc., because different software platforms are required. In this research,a validation and visualization method is suggested to overcome this barrier. It is successfulto integrate the Satellite Tool Kit ActiveX and the C# programming language. Basedon the embedded scheme, all the interaction and assessment can be visualized. Practicaltechniques for modelling satellite objects, sensor objects, target objects and satellite attitudesare presented. Such a method has been applied for Chinese agile satellites project, and asoftware interface has been developed. The simulation results indicate that the proposedmethod is intuitive and efficient. Note that this method is general, and thus it can be appliedto other Earth observation missions. Enough details are provided for interested readers todevelop the software interface.


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