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Performance analysis of three-dimensional differential geometric guidance law against low-speed maneuvering targets


differential geometric, guidance law, low-speed maneuvering, target, Lyapunov-like approach, capturability


The performance of the three-dimensional differential geometric guidance law withproportional navigation formation against a target maneuvering arbitrarily with time-varyingnormal acceleration is thoroughly analyzed using the Lyapunov-like approach. The validationof this guidance law is firstly proved, and then the performance issues such as capturability,heading error control efficiency, line of sight rate convergence, and commanded accelerationrequirement are analyzed, under the condition that the missile is initially flying toward thetarget with a speed advantage. It is proved that an intercept can occur and the line ofsight rate and missile commanded acceleration can be limited in certain ranges, if the initialheading error is small and the navigation gain is sufficiently large. The nonlinear relativedynamics between the missile and the target is taken into full account, and the analysisprocess is simple and intuitive, due to the use of a convenient line of sight rotating coordinatesystem. Finally, the new theoretical findings are validated by numerical simulations.


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