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Angles-only initial relative orbit determination algorithm for non- cooperative spacecraft proximity operations


initial relative orbit deter-, mination, angles-only navigation, proximity operations, rendezvous


This research furthers the development of a closed-form solution to the angles-only initialrelative orbit determination problem for non-cooperative target close-in proximity operationswhen the camera offset from the vehicle center-of-mass allows for range observability. Inprevious work, the solution to this problem had been shown to be non-global optimal in thesense of least square and had only been discussed in the context of Clohessy–Wiltshire. Inthis paper, the emphasis is placed on developing a more compact and improved solutionto the problem by using state augmentation least square method in the context of theClohessy–Wiltshire and Tschauner–Hempel dynamics, derivation of corresponding errorcovariance, and performance analysis for typical rendezvous missions. A two-body MonteCarlo simulation system is used to evaluate the performance of the solution. The sensitivityof the solution accuracy to camera offset, observation period, and the number of observationsare presented and discussed.


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