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Attitude dynamics in the circular restricted three-body problem


three-body problem, orbit–attitude dynamics, bounded attitude librations, turn and hold model


This document reflects the effort of constructing a basis for understanding attitude motionwithin a multi-body problem with application to spacecraft flight dynamics. The circularrestricted three-body problem (CR3BP) is employed as a model for the orbital motion.Then, attitude dynamics is discussed within the CR3BP. Conditions for bounded attitudelibrations and techniques for the identification of such behavior are presented: initially fora spacecraft fixed at an orbital equilibrium point, and later for a vehicle that moves onnon-linear periodic orbit. While previous works focus on specific challenges, this analysisserves to create a more general framework for attitude dynamics within the CR3BP. Alarger framework enables additional observations. For example, a linkage is noted betweenregions of bounded motion that may appear on an attitude grid search map and families ofperiodic attitude solutions. Finally, coupling effects between attitude and orbit dynamicswithin the CR3BP, ones that enable new options for trajectory design, are considered animportant opportunity, and should be included in a general framework. As a proof of thatconcept, sailcraft trajectories are generated within a coupled orbit–attitude model only usinga sequence of constant commands for the attitude actuators.


Tsinghua University Press