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Survey of convex optimization for aerospace applications


convex optimization, optimal control, convexification, convex relaxation


Convex optimization is a class of mathematical programming problems with polynomialcomplexity for which state-of-the-art, highly efficient numerical algorithms with pre-determinable computational bounds exist. Computational efficiency and tractability inaerospace engineering, especially in guidance, navigation, and control (GN&C), are ofparamount importance. With theoretical guarantees on solutions and computationalefficiency, convex optimization lends itself as a very appealing tool. Coinciding the strongdrive toward autonomous operations of aerospace vehicles, convex optimization has seenrapidly increasing utility in solving aerospace GN&C problems with the potential for onboardreal-time applications. This paper attempts to provide an overview on the problems todate in aerospace guidance, path planning, and control where convex optimization has beenapplied. Various convexification techniques are reviewed that have been used to convexifythe originally nonconvex aerospace problems. Discussions on how to ensure the validity of theconvexification process are provided. Some related implementation issues will be introducedas well.


Tsinghua University Press