Aims & Scope

Astrodynamics is a peer-reviewed international journal that is co-published by Tsinghua University Press and Springer. The high-quality peer-reviewed articles of original research, comprehensive review, mission accomplishments, and technical comments in all fields of astrodynamics will be given priorities for publication. In addition, related research in astronomy and astrophysics that takes advantages of the analytical and computational methods of astrodynamics is also welcome.

Astrodynamics would like to invite all of the astrodynamics specialists to submit their research articles to this new journal. Currently, the scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fundamental orbital dynamics
  • Spacecraft trajectory optimization and space mission design
  • Orbit determination and prediction, autonomous orbital navigation
  • Spacecraft attitude determination, control, and dynamics
  • Guidance and control of spacecraft and space robots
  • Spacecraft constellation design and formation flying
  • Modelling, analysis, and optimization of innovative space systems
  • Novel concepts for space engineering and interdisciplinary applications

The effort of the Editorial Board will be ensuring the journal to publish novel researches that advance the field, and will provide authors with a productive, fair, and timely review experience. It is our sincere hope that all researchers in the field of astrodynamics will eagerly access this journal, Astrodynamics, as either authors or readers, making it an illustrious journal that will shape our future space explorations and discoveries.